Manzano Mountains State Park - New Mexico

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Park Overview

Nestled in the wooded foothills of the Manzano (the Spanish word for (apple tree) Mountains, Manzano Mountains State Park is an excellent place for fishing, bird watching, photography, hiking and cross country skiing.

Arbor o' Alligators and More

Located in the Manzano Mountains, the park is steward of numerous species of trees. The dominant tree of the area is the ponderosa pine, however alligator juniper dot the landscape. The Alligator Juniper is named for the checkered pattern on the bark of older trees, which resembles an alligator's hide.

Trail Trek

Come explore the heart of the Manzano Mountains. During the winter months, Manzano Mountain State Park offers the outdoor enthusiast exhilarating opportunities for snow shoeing and cross country skiing. Beauty abounds all year round!

Manzano Migration

The Manzano Mountains play an important role as a raptor flyway. Some birds may fly 200 miles in a day and several thousand miles in a season. The park has a field checklist available to visitors who enjoy bird watching.

Getting There

Manzano Mountains State Park is 16 miles northwest of Mountainair via NM highways 55 and 131.

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