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Park Overview

Yakima Sportsman State Park is a 247-acre camping park created in 1940 by the Yakima Sportsman's Association to promote game management and the preservation of natural resources. The park is on the floodplain of the Yakima River and is an irrigated "green zone" in an otherwise desert area. The park has a variety of deciduous trees that shade camping and picnic areas. One hundred and forty bird species have been identified in the park. Ponds lure fishers to the river. The park is a popular stay-over spot for travelers and visitors to events in the Yakima area.


Old clay-pigeon traps may still be found in the park. They are remnants from the Yakima Sportsman Club, a hunting, fishing and shooting club that created the park in 1940. The club donated the park to Washington State Parks in 1956.

Park Features

Ponds, lakes and rivers attract fishermen, both young and adult, to this location. More than 140 species of bird make wildlife watching a delight. The campground is a stay-over place for events at the Yakima Sun-Dome and fairgrounds.

Interpretive opportunities

Rangers will lead nature walks when requested. There is a Juan A. Alvarez Outdoor Living Classroom in the park that has a short, paved ADA-accessible trail and pier which enters a wetland area. This trail affords visitors a look at a living, working wetland.

Physicl Features

The park is on a floodplain of the Yakima River. It is an irrigated desert with ponds and lakes and a variety of beautiful deciduous trees. The area receives an annual average rainfall of seven inches and an annual average of eight inches of snowfall. Summer temperatures are in the 80-to-90-degree range.


904 University Parkway, Yakima, WA 98901


Located three miles southeast of downtown Yakima, Wash. in Yakima County.

From I-82:

Take exit #34. Travel east approximately one mile to Keys Rd. (first road after crossing). Turn left, and go approximately one mile to park entrance. Turn left into park.

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